I recently tried overGrive to sync my Google Drive account to my computer.  After trying it for about a week I was quite pleased with it.  There are a lot of options but my needs were very simple so it did what I needed.  Also, the $5 price tag made it a no brainer.

After I purchased a license there were a few activation issues that were quickly responded to and resolved.  So far, colour me impressed.

Time goes on and about three weeks after I purchased the license it stopped working.  I went directly to the contact page I had used so successfully before but when I submitted the request I got an error indicating I did not have access to the page.  I logged in to my account...same error.  I sent an email to the address of my previous support contact and a week later I have still not received a response.

My overGrive client is no longer working and I have essentially flushed $5 down the toilet.  I had considered making a donation to the project but instead I am publishing this warning, for what it's worth.

DO NOT USE overGrive!!!!!

If the publishers of overGrive want to contact me to make good on their support they can use my contact page which does work.

In the meantime, I will be taking a look at Insync as an alternative.