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Humidity: 62%

Wind: 45.06 km/h

  • 03 Jan 2019

    Snow 1°C 0°C

  • 04 Jan 2019

    Mostly Sunny 6°C -1°C

Luckily the rain in Hong Kong was light so the plane was able to take off on time and I settled in to the 15 hour flight home to Toronto.

Nothing really interesting to report about the flight.  I ate, I slept, I watched movies, I read.

We landed in Toronto on Tuesday at 5:55pm.  I passed through immigration and then waited for my luggage.  I was going to get a luggage cart but they charge $2 and I refuse to pay $2 for a cart.  I noticed a sign on the cart that read "Welcome to Toronto" but it should read "Welcome to Toronto - Bend over".

It took a while for my luggage to appear but it eventually showed up and I went to the doors to the terminal.  I thought for sure after 3 months out of the country I was going to get the once over by customs officials but I handed them my customs declaration and they just waved me through.  The whole process from touchdown to immigration to baggage claim had only taken about 35 minutes.

I made my way outside and the air felt cool even though it was in the low 20's. It will take some time for me to adjust again to temperatures that aren't in the 30's.

I caught a cab to my brother's house to pick up my truck.  I stopped in for a short visit and to give them some souvenirs before I headed home.

After driving a motorbike on the left side of the road in Ban Phai for so long it felt strange to drive a truck on the right in Toronto.  Knowing that I had no food at home I picked up a falafel at a local restaurant on the way.

When I got home I called my mother to let her know that I made it back OK (you know how mom's worry).

With my journey finally complete I went to sleep.