When I heard about the suicide of Amanda Todd and the acts of bullying that led her to take her life I was shocked that something like this could happen.  If you are not familliar with her story you can watch the YouTube video she posted about a month before the day of her death.

It's always sad when someone so talented dies at such a young age but it's sadder still when it's by their own hand due to the abuse and cruelty of others.

As someone who was bullied in school I know how helpless and alone it can feel.  No one should have to feel that.  If you are being bullied, know someone who is being bullied or even suspect someone is being bullied then GET HELP.  Talk to someone you trust or call an anonymous help line but DO SOMETHING.

I've added a link to StopABully.CA on the left of my home page where you can get help or find out how you can help stop bullying.